LoLBeans – A Funny Battle Royale Game

LOLBeans is an exciting battle royale game that lets you race against other players and avoid obstacles. Get to the finish of the race in a game of competitive play!This game is a great mixture of both adventure and racing games. Your objective is to avoid the obstacles and traps and keep from the darkness in order to run as fast as you can. You must run through the levels until you’re the final bean standing.Players who fail to finish each stage in the required time are removed gradually. You can advance to the next round if you are able to reach the line before time. Only one winner is declared at the conclusion of the game and is awarded the crown!

Each level brings new problems and new maps including swinging hammers, slippery hills to an avalanche angry-faced balls that bounce around. There are a variety of hazards and dangers that you must be aware of! Make sure you are able to overcome the challenges and become the best! Additionally, by participating in LOLBeans, you will participate in a multi-player running game in which you challenge other athletes to showcase your talents. Let’s complete the race safely before the timer expires for following round.

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